A new wave of copyrighting

At Siminvest, we believe that innovation should be protected and rewarded. However, traditional copyright protection systems have their limitations, particularly in the digital age. To address this problem, we have developed a cutting-edge copyright protection system that leverages the power of blockchain technology.

Our system provides an end-to-end bridge between innovators and those who want to buy innovation borderless but legally. By modeling the problem from a new perspective, we have created a solution that is more effective, efficient, and secure than traditional copyright protection systems.

We have a series of hypotheses about how our system will manage its responsibility when all the users who have a kind of interaction in social media would use their digital assets by our infrastructure. To test these hypotheses, we have been working on creating a simulation that will allow us to see the system in action.

At Siminvest, we are committed to creating innovative solutions that solve real-world problems. Our blockchain-based copyright protection system is just one example of how we are making a difference in the world. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you protect and reward your innovation.

In one sentence

The emergence of this system would be a new wave of copyrighting, borderless, end to end, without a central authority across the globe

Idea in brief

  • The authenticity of an idea would the outcome of the peer-reviewing process who wants to register their idea after getting a review from another person.
  • Blockchain technology convinces us the identity of each user would be concealed from others and we only can see the wallet address and its activities.
  • Every owner of each stated idea would have a right to sell its property in many flexible methods and every reviewer of the idea would have their own parts in each deal.
  • Bail enforcement leverage which has been declared by the owner of an idea would be a prize to each client who can manage the courtship shreds of evidence around a fraud which has come from scammers or thieves’ actions.

Our Vision

In the near future, our vision is about one billion online users will be registering their ideas and getting certified without any intermediaries around the planet.

They will save and manage the royalties of their ideas by the community for the community.

A painful story

John would not publish his videos because he has used a song in his video without permission from the songwriters who originated in Egypt. John finds out this music does register in Canada and after searching for many times he could not reach a proper link to get a license from the original creators

If only there was a ...

In this situation, if there was a global platform that had the capability of submitting the ownership of a song based on decentralized process could be a gateway to getting a legal license for satisfying songwriters without any intermediaries. This route will be a legal and fair bridge between patent holders and those who want to require the idea or registered products in their works directly, end to end, but borderless.

Another painful story

Kim, one of the famous fashion designers in Silicon Valley finds out her designs have been robbed by some scammers. These guys are trying to create some fake version of Kim’s clothes and they come up with an idea to sell these items in some kind of online shop stores in Singapore.

If only there was a ...

However, in this situation, if there was a global platform that had the capability of submitting the ownership of a clothes design based on the decentralized process could be a gateway to getting rid of these kind of treats from the defrauder. Based on this condition, we have developing a decentralized copyrighting platform which has created many values such as ..

If there will be a ...

  • Every fashion designer would have a r ight to submit their ideas as an NFT and the proof of ownership has come from the peer-reviewing mechanism
  • Every fashion stylist would have a right to put a bounty on those who want to use the design without direct permission request
  • Every bounty hunter who wants to take the bail as the bail enforcement program has to report the fraud via court friendly evidence

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