About Siminvest

Who we are

We are an investment company established in 2013 in Sweden which invests in and develops IT businesses based in European countries with the potential to become global solutions. In seeking to transform them into global, the company takes advantage of the access to markets and the intellectual capital of the other businesses it collaborates with.


Our culture

Since our founding, we have always pushed ourselves to innovate technologically. It’s a cultural priority that’s infused in every aspect of our business, empowering employees to continuously advance our caliber of investment-grade fixed-income investment management.

We are highly invested in our clients’ success, and innovation allows us to better serve our clients at every step of the way. Our culture of innovation has led to the development of cutting-edge proprietary technology and techniques that have enabled us to better capture market inefficiencies and customization for our clients.

How we deal with troubles

Open Innovation is a kind of handy tool for teams to solve the most complicated problems.

What we do

Digital Payment

Our expertise in the areas of payment and card transactions can be traced back to our activities. Today, we assist some international customers with the design, implementation, and operation of secure payment solutions. In addition to performance and security, user-friendliness is a top priority in our solutions. This goal is further enhanced by our mobile applications and wallets. Cryptocurrency

ITS: Intelligent transportation systems

Smarter traffic means safer, more efficient transportation. We integrate intelligent transportation solutions into traffic systems of all sizes and complexities. We understand the difficulties of assimilating ITS into existing systems and believe the best way to execute these projects is by tailoring each task to the specific need of the client. Our team of experts works directly with our clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their vision.


We focus on designing website & mobile apps in the tourism industry with the approach of providing innovative payment solutions in this field. We understand the complexities & challenges of the industry, helping them to achieve business transformation via cutting-edge technologies while improving operations with more efficient & scalable solutions.


We are working to expand our capabilities in blockchain developments as a real-life tool for real-world problems. Based on this situation, we had many great deals with world-class problems. Our main concern is about increasing the decision-making scale with all of us.

Online Reservation systems

We are doing software development for the hotel & reservation system industry. Our team offers customized software solutions using their expertise in the latest technologies. It enables travel & hospitality industries with a larger number of benefits like enhancing the guest experience, improves operations, reduces the costs of travel distribution, generates more revenue improved customer loyalty. Our Software development for Hotel & Reservation management include: Hotel management system, Online room reservation, Hotel reservation system, Bed and breakfast booking software, Travel booking software, Motel reservation software, Tour booking software, Restaurant Software Solutions, Back-office Inquiry System

Our people

Our Awesome Team


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Board Member

Amir Hossein Vahed

Solution Provider


Project Manager Officer


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