At Health21, we understand the challenges and complexities of accessing EHR/EMR patient data in North America. In response to this problem, we have developed a practical solution that leverages private blockchain networks and telehealth platforms to give patients greater control over their data.

Our solution starts with the development of a private blockchain network that serves as a portal for health data among many different EHRs systems. We have also created a telehealth platform powered by our access management capabilities, which allows patients to share their access tokens with whomever they choose, anytime and anywhere. With this platform, patients can be in charge of their own data flow and can revoke access with just a click.

To achieve these goals, we hired a team of experts with specialized skills in administration of Hyperledger fabric network, development of Hyperledger fabric network, creating low-level API systems, developing and API manager based on the WSO2, and programming and administering a distributed and decentralized permissioned blockchain network based on Hyperledger fabric. We also executed smart contacts based on the needs of health center clients.

While we have achieved a practical solution that solves delegation problems, we recently suffered the loss of a key team member. As a result, we are currently undergoing a transition period and working to distribute responsibilities to achieve our targeted goals. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions to the health industry and are confident in our ability to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients.

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