Distributed Energy Resources system

At Siminvest, we are committed to building a more efficient and sustainable future by leveraging the power of AI and blockchain technology. Our latest project is an innovative platform that uses AI to enable users to buy and sell electricity tokens, providing a more efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional electricity markets.

By leveraging the power of AI, our platform will be able to accurately predict and analyze energy consumption patterns, helping users to optimize their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint. The platform will also use machine learning algorithms to optimize energy production and distribution, ensuring that energy is delivered to where it is needed most.

Our platform will be built on Hyperledger Fabric, a highly secure and scalable blockchain technology, and will integrate with electricity meters and other systems to accurately measure energy consumption and ensure regulatory compliance. The user-friendly interface will allow users to view their electricity consumption, see their token balance, and participate in the marketplace, using a web or mobile application.

Our team consists of experienced professionals in AI, blockchain, energy, and software development, with a proven track record of successful project delivery. We are seeking investment to fund the development and deployment of the platform in major cities across North America and the Middle East, with the goal of onboarding millions of users in the coming years

In one sentence

The emergence of this system would be using market leverage to save energy for shifting power to when you will be in need of more energy but much cheaper than grid electricty​

Idea in brief

  • Consumer becomes prosumer but there is no distributed energy management system
  • Blockchain technology convinces us the identity of each user would be concealed from others and we only can see the wallet address and its activities.
  • Every owner of EC (energy Token) would have a right to sell or exchange its property in many flexible methods.

Market Opportunity

Market Problem
  • Demand-side energy management is used for regulating the consumers’ energy usage in smart grid. with the guidance of the grid’s price policy, the consumers can change their energy consumption in response. But there is no option to exchange the energy which you saved by less usage
Our Solutions
  • We are trying to translate discomfort which has been generated by the consumers less power consumption to a valuable token for exchanging items in the market to reach more valuable electricity in high demand situation

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